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Ground Transport Works

Buddies on Board, LLC abides by leading animal care standards and is licensed by the USDA/APHIS. Section 3 of USDA/APHIS Transportation Standards mitigates the well-being for all of our Buddies On Board. Your respect and understanding of these rules ensures a safe and healthy experience for all. 

Nitty Gritty Transport Details:​

  • All Buddies on Board will be required to wear a disposable identification band, provided by Buddies on Board, LLC. 

  • All pets must have a valid veterinary health certificate and a duplicate copy provided to Buddies on Board, LLC to retain a copy for our records. 

  • Per species requirement, all pets over 16 weeks of age must have a rabies vaccine certificate and a duplicate copy provided to Buddies on Board, LLC to retain a copy for our records. 

  • Dogs and cats must be 8 weeks of age or older at the time of pick-up for transport. As a health precaution, any puppy or kitten not fully vaccinated will have limited handling, and will not touch the ground. ​

  • Cats, birds, and pocket pets will be provided fresh litter once daily, and as a safety precaution, will not be allowed out of the comfort of their travel crate. ​

  • Dogs will have potty breaks every 4 hours and fed twice daily per owner instructions.​

  • A USDA approved dry food will be provided. However, to reduce stomach discomfort, you may supply food, in the amount sufficient to cover estimated days of travel. Please provide storage container or resealable baggie, labeled with your pet’s name. Bottled water is provided throughout the route.​

  • Buddies on Board, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any animal deemed unfit for transport. This includes vicious, fractious, sick or wounded animals.​

  • In the case of veterinary emergency during transport, Buddies on Board, LLC will contact the nearest veterinary clinic and the client will assume all charges.​

Pesky Processes:​

  • Communication is vital to successful pick-up and delivery and Buddies on Board, LLC will keep lines of communication open via phone call, text and email at all times. GPS tracking is available for real-time tracking of your pet's transport trip.​

  • You will be contacted prior to arrival to confirm transport details and go over travel documents. Buddies on Board, LLC will assist in every way to ensure a successful transport experience. In order to maintain professionalism and remain on schedule, if no one is available at estimated pick up time or required paperwork is not complete, Buddies on Board, LLC will continue on route. You will not be entitled to refund of any fees or deposits for booked services.​

  • Though every effort is made to arrive at a pre-arranged time, Buddies on Board, LLC requires receiver of pet to be available 24 hours. Every effort will be made to arrive as close to estimated delivery time as possible. Bad weather conditions, traffic delays and mechanical failures can occur. Sender and Receiver will be kept in contact and GPS tracking is available for real-time tracking of your pet's transport trip.​

  • Any extra charges incurred due to the receiver not being home or able to take the animal being transported will fall upon sender who ordered transport services.​

  • Payment is due at booking. Payments can be made via Credit Card, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo. ​

  • Cancellations or reschedule requests within 14 days notice of pick-up date will be 100% refunded.

  • Cancellations or reschedule request within 7 days notice of pick-up date will be 50% refunded. 

  • No refunds for cancellations or reschedule requests within 3 days of pick-up date. 

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