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Building a new tribe

Hello Animal Lovers!

I am so glad to be back working with animals as a full time job. Caring for animals was my passion for the first 45 years of life and the passion never fully left my heart during the years that I worked away from the pet services world. I wouldn’t say that the break was a bad thing. Compassion fatigue is real and I needed the time away to fall back in love with the idea of working with animals again.

I have found during the last several weeks of marketing Buddies On Board, that my network of vets, trainers, breeders, groomers and rescuers has changed. Many have retired and sold their businesses to new people I do not know! Sadly, some have passed away. It hit me hard that a lot more had changed in seven years than I was aware. I felt out of touch.

Therefore, advertising has been more stressful than I had considered during my research and consideration of starting a pet services business. My expectation was high that word-of-mouth would kick things off with a bang. Pet care services people know that there is a lot of need out there for quality pet care services and that we can all work together to offer great experiences and build satisfied, happy pet owner client lists. However, word-of-mouth only works if there are a lot of mouths involved.

Cold calling can be intimidating but I am happy to say that I have been met with excitement and positivity when introducing myself to the new pet services business owners. Animal lovers in our area are very lucky to have so many options available to them and I am so thankful for the welcome I have received as I build my new tribe.

With leash in hand,


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