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Buddies On Board

Pet Care Concierge Services

At Buddies On Board our goal is to provide safe, loving, professional pet care services for your best buddy. When you can't be there you can trust us to know that what is important to you is important to us. Sit back, relax, and rely on us to provide safe, compassionate care for your best buddy. 


About Buddies on Board

Buddies On Board was created after Vickie experienced difficulties finding time in her busy corporate working schedule to arrange for her own personal companion animals to see the vet, attend grooming appointments and get the socialization and enrichment they deserved. She found that many of her pet-loving friends had the same problem. Pet Concierge service was born. 

Vickie has over 30 years of experience in the animal care industry. Her love of animals started on a small hobby farm as a child, breeding horses and dogs, surrounded by a menagerie of critters. It continued on in her teen years working as a kennel attendant for a rural animal shelter, rescuing strays, advocating for humane education, care and treatment of animals. She later became a Humane Officer and Animal Shelter Manager all while working as an animal trainer and student mentor. Vickie has vast knowledge of animal care, breeding/whelping, grooming, handling, safety and sanitation. It is no hardship dealing with difficult animals, medicating the sick and injured, calming the frightened and easily loving them all.


  • When you're busy, let us give your very important pet extra attention.
  • Cats and other critters will enjoy an outing in a pet-safe stroller.
  • Your #socialbuddyfly can hitch a ride with us!

My Best Buddies


What Pet Owners Say

"Compassionate Care"

"Great Service"

"Kind & Loving"

Willy was too big to fly in the plane to our new home and I didn't want him in the cargo area. I was a nervous wreck about watching him drive away but Vickie called and texted throughout the entire trip. We got to keep track of Willy on the road. He arrived home on time. I was so happy to have him home safe and sound. Vickie, you're the best!

"5 star service"

My cat doesn't do well with change so we really didn't want to take her to the vet for boarding. Vickie dropped in to check on her. She sent video showing how calm she was. She posted updates regularly and that really made us feel a lot better.

Tina Simonson

Mark Davis

Amy Adler-Miles

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